How To Capture and Edit an Indoor Photo In Direct Light

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Ever wish you could get a peek behind the lens of another photographer and watch them work?

Here’s your chance!  In this “How To Capture And Edit” series I provide a look into my shooting and editing process behind a particular image and share helpful how-to’s.

Shot with Canon 5D III and 35 mm 1.4 lens. Camera Settings: ISO 1250, f/3.5, SS 1/640My husband arrived home from work in the early evening and my daughter ran to him and jumped into his arms for a hug.

{Heart Melts}

I raced for my camera.

The overhead lights were off and I noticed how my husband and daughter were standing in a pocket of bright light shining in from the window.

I knew if I set my camera to expose for the bright, direct light shining in on them from the window the rest of the scene would be rendered darker, putting them in the “spotlight.”

If you don’t understand the term “expose” check out this post: How To Use Your DSLR Camera.

Here’s the SOOC (straight out of camera) photo: 

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Editing Tips

I edited this image 100% in Lightroom, It needed a bit of work to bring it in line with the “spotlight” vision I had in mind when I shot the image.

Lightroom is the perfect photo editing program for beginners.  It allows you to make simple adjustments to your photos that make a HUGE difference in your images without breaking the bank.

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Check out the editing video below:

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