8 Creative Fall Photography Ideas To Try This Year

Inside: Looking for creative fall photography ideas? Check out these 8 tips for breathtaking autumn leaves photography (including a Lightroom Autumn Color video tutorial).

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Creative Fall Photography Ideas and Tips

Fall is my favorite time for photography! After a hot, humid summer I find myself inspired to get outside and capture the beauty of a new season.

I hope these fall photography ideas will inspire you to get outside with your camera!

Autumn Photography Tip: Coordinate Your Wardrobe With The Season

If you’re photographing people choose (or ask them to wear) colors for their wardrobe that coordinate with the color of autumn leaves.

These could be earth tones like brown or green, or autumn colors like orange and yellow.

I took these photos of my daughter wearing a pink dress in the fall a couple of years ago.

In retrospect, I feel like the dress says “spring” while the background says “fall.”

fall photography ideas

The photo below looks more cohesive with the yellow shirt complementing the yellow leaves.

photography ideas for fall

Fall Photography Ideas: Consider Wildflowers

Leaves aren’t the only foliage that are great for fall photography.

Where I live there’s a pretty fantastic show of gold wildflowers in September. I love to go for a hike when they’re blooming and capture some photos in them.

fall photography ideas

Autumn Photography Tip: Use Leaves To Filter The Light

Autumn leaves look fantastic with golden sunlight filtering through them.

Toward the end of the day, the sun is lower in the sky, especially at the golden hour. It’s my favorite time of day for autumn leaves photography!

creative fall photography ideas

To achieve this look make sure the sun is behind your subject. You may need to block the sun with your subject to avoid too much light entering your lens.

autumn leaves photography

I love the warm, magical glow created by backlight filtering through the autumn leaves (even when my kid is giving me a grumpy look)!

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Autumn Photography Tip: Use A Warm White Balance Setting To Enhance Fall Colors

If you shoot in auto white balance your images may come out too cool (too blue).

Instead, use one of your warmer white balance presets such as the shade or cloudy preset for a warmer image that will enhance the warm tones of autumn leaves in your photos.

Auto White Balance:

Shade Preset:

autumn leaves photography

To learn how to set your white balance while shooting, check out this post on getting a correct white balance in your photos.

Fall Photography Ideas: Include Leaves and Foliage In The Foreground

One of the best fall photography ideas is to use leaves and foliage to add depth and color to your images by including them in the foreground of your image.

To do this you’ll need to know how to change your focal point so you can place your camera’s focal point on your subject rather than the foreground.

For leaves or foliage on the ground, you’ll need to get down low enough so they are in the lower part of your camera frame.

I love how the fall leaves frame my daughter in this image:

autumn leaves photography

And I love how the flowers in the foreground of this image add depth and interest:

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Autumn Leaves Photography

Don’t forget to zoom in and capture the details of the autumn leaves and foliage.

To capture photos like these use a wide aperture setting to capture a blurry background and increase your saturation in Lightroom (the video tutorial at the end explains how to do that).

Fall Photography Ideas: Consider Taking Your Own Fall Family Photos

Ever tried taking your own family photos? Fall is a great time! Be sure to check this fall foliage map to find out when the autumn leaves will be at their best in your area.

And check out this post on how to have a successful DIY Photo Shoot.

DIY Photoshoot

Autumn Photography Tip: Enhance The Color of Autumn Leaves in Lightroom

You can enhance those beautiful autumn colors by adding a little warmth and saturation in Lightroom.

Check out this tutorial:

I hope you’re feeling inspired by these fall photography ideas to get out with your camera and capture some of the beauty of autumn!

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