Basic Photo Editing Tips

Looking for basic photo editing tips?  Hoping to gain some knowledge of photo editing basics?  You’re in the right place!

This page hosts a growing number of tutorials to help you learn photo editing basics.

Even the most basic photo editing tips can transform your photos from boring to beautiful!

Basic Photo Editing Tips For Beginners: Table of Contents

Photo Editing 101

How To Correct White Balance In Lightroom

How to Fix Your Exposure In Lightroom

Using The Lightroom Spot Removal Tool

How To Edit Greens In Lightroom

4 Easy Photo Editing Tips for Beginners

Calibrate Your Monitor

basic photo editing tips

Basic Photo Editing Tips

Video Tutorial: How To Correct White Balance in Lightroom

One of the most basic photo editing tips every beginner should learn is how to correct white balance in Lightroom.  This post has a video tutorial at the end demonstrating how to correct your white balance using the white balance dropper, white balance presets, and the temperature and tint sliders.

basic photo editing tips

Watch This Lightroom Spot Removal Tool Tutorial

The Lightroom spot removal tool is a powerful tool for improving your photos.  This post will show you how to use the how to use the spot removal tool in Lightroom.

You’ll learn:

basic photo editing tips

Watch This Video Tutorial: How To Correct Exposure In Lightroom

You’ll learn how to use Lightroom highlight and clipping alerts to correct your exposure and how to fix overexposed photos in Lightroom.

photo editing basics

Watch This Video Tutorial: How To Edit Greens In Lightroom

Do the greens in your photos sometimes look more yellow than green? Lightroom has a simple fix!  Read this post and watch the video tutorial on how to fix yellow grass in Lightroom using the green slider in the HSL panel or the adjustment brush.

Check out the Before and After:

how to fix yellow grass in Lightroom
how to edit greens in Lightroom

Every new photographer should learn a few basic photo editing techniques.

This post will demonstrate four simple photo editing tips for beginners:

How to straighten your horizon line

How to crop your photo for better composition

How to correct your white balance

How to use radial filters to make your subject pop

Check out Four Easy Lightroom Photo Editing Techniques For Beginners.

“How To Capture and Edit” Tutorials:

How to capture and edit Sunset Silhouette Beach Photos

How To Capture and Edit a Lifestyle Photo

How To Capture and Edit An Indoor Photo in Direct Light

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Calibrate Your Monitor

Before you start printing your photos you’ll want to make sure the color and brightness of your computer screen is accurate.  Check out this detailed post with step by step instructions on How To Calibrate Your Monitor For Photography.

This post covers 3 steps to ensure your monitor color is accurate:

1.  Ordering Test Prints: How and where to order test prints for comparison with your computer monitor, including what color space to use and what type of software you need.

2.  Comparing Your Test Prints With Your Screen: Instructions on how to compare your test prints to your screen including considerations for the light around your computer.  If you find your prints don’t match your screen, the next step is to use a monitor calibration tool.

3.  Xrite Monitor Calibration Instructions: step by step instructions on how to adjust your screen’s brightness, temperature and tint with the X-rite iDisplay Pro monitor calibration tool.

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