Does this sound familiar?

You have a nice digital camera, but you never pick it up.  It’s all so overwhelming – the buttons, the dials, the photography terms that sound like a foreign language.

You see amazing photos online and wish you could take pictures like that, but it feels too daunting and time-consuming to even start.

So you keep your camera in auto mode, or just use your camera phone.  It’s easier that way, but your pictures never capture the beauty you see in your mind’s eye.

I believe it can be different.

I believe you can master your digital camera and confidently capture beautiful memories.


  • picking up your camera and knowing exactly how to dial in your settings
  • feeling confident that you can capture the scene before you in a way that’s beautiful and compelling without the fear of missing the moment
  • having albums full of gorgeous photos of your family’s everyday lives and special moments
  • capturing the true beauty of your children and your family

“Brea’s guidance has helped me to truly capture the beauty of my family’s everyday moments. Her simple tips and techniques have brought a quality of artistry to my images, and helped me to feel more confident every time I pick up my camera.”


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How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids with Any Camera 

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I’m Brea, and I’ve been where you are.

I bought a great camera before my kids were born in hopes of capturing amazing photos.  But my photos were a huge disappointment.  I tried to learn photography but it felt too overwhelming.  I fumbled with my camera settings and was afraid of missing moments, so more often than not, I reverted to auto mode.

But the turning point came when I slowed down and decided to learn the basics before hoping to take great photos of my kids.  While they napped, I practiced my camera skills for about 10 minutes per day, without the pressure of trying to capture a “perfect moment.”

Each time I practiced I got a little better, and before long it all clicked!  My photos went from flat, boring snapshots to the beautiful works of art I always wanted to make.

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I’m so glad you’re here and I’d love to hear from you. Send me your photography questions! brea (at) captureyourdays (dot) com.